Pulsating drones, musique concrète and techno-esque rhythms influence ink-based film-projections in real-time. Customised 16mm-film projectors, electronic and acoustic instruments are weaved together in an intricate system where audio triggers image and vice versa.

The artists are mere operators, following a strictly composed script turned imperfect by the unpredictable nature of analogue sound and visuals.

'Trigger' is ultimately a DIY project where robust and perfectly engineered machines and instruments are hacked to create new possibilities. Our concept grew out of an interest in finding mechanical ways of creating sound and visuals and an urge to gain control over vintage machines and instruments in a new fasion. The trio creates a biotope where the imperfect and machinelike can coexist – and the lines between performance and installation are blurred.

Music by Stephan Meidell, film by Blank Blank.

Trioer - Bergen Kjøtt from Blank Blank on Vimeo.

TRIOER from Blank Blank on Vimeo.

TRIOER: Bergen — Bodø from Blank Blank on Vimeo.

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